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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bollywood- The Hollywood of India

Bollywood is India’s most remarkable industry. There are other budding Industries as well, but it is Bollywood which attracts most of the Indians, due to the fact that all the Bollywood movies are made in Hindi – which is a national language of India. Weather it is a rich businessman or a poor worker, Bollywood delivers entertainment to all of them, it does not recognize caste or creed. A typical Bollywood movie is packed with romance stories, song and dance, daring actions and most of all, family values which can be watched by purchasing a small ticket.

Bollywood was not always known by this name. Formerly known as Bombay film Industry, it was given this name because it was an Indian version of Hollywood. By uniting Hollywood and Bombay came out Bollywood, a new symbol of growing film industry. It was later that Bombay became Mumbai, but the name Bollywood stayed in the hearts of Indians and is the same ever since. The establishment of the Indian cinema has given Mumbai an enormous credibility, Hindi movies were always a matter of pride and efforts.

The influence of Bollywood is present every where in India and abroad. Movie posters and posters of products endorsed by stars can be seen in every lane, intersection, empty walls or roads. The love of Bollywood echoes everywhere in the form of music of ringtones, blaring car horns, wedding celebrations, etc. One of arenas where Bollywood has made complete impact is fashion industry. People like the way actors dress and often try to imitate them with certain clothes. As a result, a teeming Fashion industry has emerged at Mumbai and has given fame to all the Indian traditional clothes worldwide as Saari.

While Bollywood films have universal appeal, it serves a bigger purpose! Bollywood gives rise to thousands of jobs for Mumbaikars in every segment. From Movie production to set design, music creation to action stunts, film promotions to multiplexes, Bollywood produces substantial work and opportunities to succeed. Every newbie who is dedicated to Bollywood is rewarded with fame and riches. Bollywood has created many success stories, several stars as Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar started out here as nobody. While there are sacrifices, it is much easier to taste fame.

As the choices and preferences of movie goers change, it opens new avenues for Bollywood. Young producers implement new ideas and concepts to draw fans in the theatres. Bold topics are being embarked upon and realistic value of Bollywood movies is considered very important. In a way Bollywood is changing its face for a newer generation, as it has done for centuries. The establishment of Bollywood industry has proved to be the strongest influence in our level of thinking as Bollywood movies deliver a chance for cine fans—a way to step out of their own routine lives and step into the lives of other, usually colorful people. In short, we may love it or we may criticize it, but Bollywood is an eternal part of every Indian's life.